Welcome Ile Bailey

She's been an esthetician for five years (she recently moved to LA from Santa Cruz last year) and has been training with me for the last three months. This month, we're offering $35 off when you book a signature facial with Ile. Consider it her little welcome gift to you. Want to know more about this talented, all-around awesome girl? Read on.

AW: How did you find me?

IB: My sister and her husband have been clients of yours for more than 10 years and before I moved down to LA, my sister would always tell me about how amazing her aesthetician was. During one of my visits I booked a facial with you that confirmed the rave reviews. As an aesthetician myself, I had high standards-and you gave me the best facial I'd ever had. While I worked at a great little boutique spa called Bella Dawna in Santa Cruz (which I helped open in 2011), I knew I wanted to learn from you.

AW: What's your favorite thing about your work?

IB: I love seeing results and making skin transform. It's very rewarding when a client tells me his or her skin has never looked or felt better after receiving a facial.

AW: What's the one thing you wish more people knew about their skin?

IB: That it takes about six weeks for the skin to naturally "turn over"-for new skin cells to form and migrate to the surface. So, I always tell people to be patient when trying a new product or treatment. And also, I wish more people would wear SPF every day. I see so many people who say they never burn so they don't wear sunscreen, but that damage from those UV rays is deep and will eventually surface.

AW: What's your go-to way to chill out after a long day of work?

IB: Nothing beats a hot shower, a cup of tea and a little journaling-or a good movie if I'm too tired to write. It's a simple yet effective way to decompress.

AW: What are your favorite LA spots for good eats?

IB: Right now, I can't get enough of K-Zo Sushi in Culver City. The menu is diverse yet authentic. I also recently discovered Bludso's Bar-&-Que on La Brea and it might just be the best BBQ I've ever had, plus they've got great cocktails as well. And working on Abbot Kinney, I find myself at Kreation quite often. Whether I'm dining with friends or grabbing a juice and salad to go, I'm always satisfied.